Why did we switch our summer Sunday Worship Services from two to one? It was a very intentional move, with Worship Committee thoughtfully considering this part of our vision: "Building Authentic Community." The committee remembered how JKPC used to pare down from two services to one in the summers because of seasonally decreased attendance. While "Church Summer Break" is not a thing of the past--Disney World Vacations and extensive mission trips still occur June-September--our Vacation Bible School program, summer Sunday School and some awesome adult Christian Education classes have drawn an amazing following!


The reasoning that encouraged Worship Committee to look into one service during summer was increased unity. If you regulary attended the 9:30 am service, you might never meet someone who walked in the second service at at 10:58 am. Likewise, if a "9:30 er" didn't linger for coffee hour, you might miss half of your church family! That's crazy!


With the blessing of church leadership (Deacons and Ruling Elders) Worship Committee conducted a survey of the Congregation to see what we, the members thought of a "Summer of Unity." The sentiment was a resounding, "Let's try it!" And it seems like it's been a great success!


You have probably felt a bit more cozy in worship this summer, but you've met some JKPC Members you didn't know before. This is so important, especially with the upcoming launch of LIFEgroups! As a chuch that is "Building Authentic Community," we are willing to be a little squished if that means we make more and more meaningful connections to our family in Christ. And, if you're feeling a little too squished, you're always welcome to sit up front!


We hope you'll continue to join us on Sunday mornings throughout the summer, and get excited for sharing life with your church family!


~Contributed by Laurel Steinetz, Ruling Elder