Licensing: John Knox Preschool is licensed by the State of Ohio through the Department of Jobs and Family Services. We have provided education in a Christian environment since 1967. The school began as a non-profit, half-day school serving members and friends of John Knox Presbyterian Church and residents of the community.

Mission: The mission of the school is, "To provide a loving and caring Christian environment, which will help children develop mentally, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually." Since the beginning of classes in 1967, hundreds of boys and girls have walked through the doors of John Knox Preschool.

Program Summary: John Knox Preschool offers a two-day program for children who will be three years old by September 1st, and a three-day program for children who will be four years old by September 1st. Families have the choice of enrolling their four or five year old in the Extended Day Class, which meets for 3 hours and 15 minutes for three days, or in the Regular Day Class which meets 2 1/2 hours for three days. See Preschool Programs for additional information on days and times. State licensing requires that all children must be toilet-trained. Classes meet from September through mid-May.

Staff: The staff consists of a director/head teacher, assistant teachers and a classroom volunteer who are all highly qualified, experienced educators who maintain their knowledge of current practices.

Activities: Rich and varied experiences are provided for the children. The first part of the class includes a discovery time when the children explore the learning centers independently or in cooperative play with their peers. Available activities promote social interaction, individual creativity, confidence, and fine/gross motor skill development.

The second part of the class presents more organized activities and mini-lessons to introduce educational concepts involving letters, phonics, numbers, colors, shapes, and spatial concepts: the foundations needed for a successful kindergarten year. Snack time and occasional large muscle activities complete the program.

Parental Involvement: Parents are not required to assist in the classroom, but may volunteer to help for special occasions. Parents are encouraged to schedule a birthday celebration (including summer birthdays) for their child and to join in the celebration. All parents are welcome to visit the classroom at any time during the year. The school accepts no responsibility for student transportation, though parents frequently form car pools.

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