The Purpose and Goals of John Knox Preschool are:

  • To develop a child's self esteem (i.e. "I'm special") and then move forward to being an important part of his/her family, community and world

  • To understand the individual child's level of development and mastery of skills, and then to guide him/her forward, without pressure, in a loving, encouraging manner

  • To provide developmentally appropriate experiences to encourage mastery in: following directions in both large and small group settings, self expression as part of a group, participation in games and activities within a group, sharing, learning compassion and understanding others, developing the senses (special attention on listening skills), developing cognitive skills

  • To help develop the child's interest and understanding of stories and language

  • To encourage the development of small muscles through the use of table games, puzzles, blocks, clay, handicrafts, sand, tools, etc.

  • To encourage the development of large muscles with the use of riding trucks, large blocks, exercising, dancing, jogging, skating, etc.

  • To encourage awareness of the world in which we live through science and social studies

  • To help the child develop listening and sound discrimination, tonal difference, loudness and softness, and rhythm patterns through singing, music and movement experiences

  • To encourage creativity and confidence

  • To have fun as each child develops at his/her own rate

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