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Written by Rev. Dr. Tom MacMillan

Mark 11:15-19, Matthew 21:12-13, Luke 19:45-48, John 2:13-22

After all the shouts of “Hosanna” with palm branches waving in the air, it didn’t take long for things to get out of hand. 

Jesus didn’t enter into Jerusalem to recommend some new cleaning products or dusting techniques. He saw the confusion, witnessed the injustice, and watched the poor being taken advantage of, all in front of the temple. 

So Jesus began overturning tables and upsetting the whole system. All the merchants were mad, but not as mad as Jesus. The disciples looked on in disbelief, wondering if their teacher had lost it. This was a bit extreme. But they recalled a verse in Psalms that talked about how zeal for the Father’s house would consume the servant of the Lord and they were seeing it firsthand (Psalm 69:9). 

Sometimes we forget that Jesus takes his temple seriously. And what is his temple?  Well, the church is his body and our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. It’s like home; it’s a part of him. Any harm to his house is taken personally. Harm to the Father’s house is harm to him. When we harm ourselves, and disrespect, neglect, or abuse our bodies, we have done it to Jesus. When we harm others, disrespect, neglect, or abuse them, we have done it to Jesus. 

And he is still consumed with zeal – so much so that he now looks at you and me and says, “Zeal for my Father’s house will consume you.” It’s time for us to start taking personally what’s happening to our house and Christ’s kingdom. 

In the ancient church, this text was used before candidates for baptism were baptized and entered the church on Easter morn. They read this text to indicate the kind of cleansing that would take place, the work of Jesus in their lives and their own work as well.  

This holy week, let Jesus overturn some tables in your world. Let him clear out what doesn't belong so there is space for his Kingdom. Follow him closely this week. On Maundy Thursday (4/17) we will be gathering in Trinity Hall at 7:00 pm. We will have a service of worship with the choir and communion. The service will end in silence, allowing each person to leave or choose to visit any or all of the various stations along the walls of Trinity Hall (foot washing, intercessory and healing prayer, journaling, and art). Good Friday (4/18) we will be in the Gallery at 7:00 pm to hear the seven last words of Christ and witness candles being extinguished to mark the darkness of Christ’s crucifixion. Easter morn we will gather for a sunrise service at 7:00 am in the Gallery followed by a 9:00 am and 11:00 am service in the Sanctuary. Note that the 9:00 am service is a different time from our usual 9:30 am service. 

Together, let us walk deliberately and humbly with our Lord, toward the radiant victory of Easter morn.




Sunday April 20th Church Bulletin

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Sunday, April 20 Bulletin


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2013 John Knox Annual Report


North Olmsted 2015 Master Plan


April Pastor's Page

     Practicing New Life   

I see it all around. It’s not just the buds forming on trees and green shoots busting through the earth. It’s people all around here practicing new life. 

I see it in people taking one day at a time – saying “yes” to God and “no” to their addiction. 

I see it in people saying “yes” to a Stephen Minister because they want someone with them through a tough transition. 

I see it in people imagining and planning for a community garden, a walking path, and green space on our northern property. 

I see it in people curious about a partnership with a Presbyterian Church in Cameroon or Madagascar, and wanting to expand our local, national, and global outreach. 

I see it in the group gathering to prepare for a healing ministry here at John Knox. 

I see it in people imagining new banners, trying new music, and testing out their songs or poetry in a Trinity Hall Coffee House. 

I see it in people wanting to expand our community meal ministry, so that more people are fed and welcomed. 

I see it in youth bold enough to lead in worship and stand for what’s good. 

I see it in seniors who can’t get to church but are praying for all of us. 

I see it in couples willing to work at their marriage and planning dates, dream trips, and weekly walks. 

I see it in people who say they are ready to teach a class, join a study, have daily devotions. 

You see, there’s resurrection going on. 

People all around are claiming the new life that is ours in Christ (II Corinthians 5:17). 

God is doing 


Isaiah 43:19



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May 2-4
Womens Weekend Retreat

May 15
Spring Salad Luncheon-12 pm
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May 18
Spring Concert @ 6:30 pm

May 19
9th Grade Confirmation Dinner

May 25
Last Day of Sunday School

May 31
Tony Flato Christian Academy 
Fundraiser Dinner @ 6:30 pm

June 1
Confirmation Sunday

August 24
Honor Dinner
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September 9
Rally Day



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